Karen Kaser – Fiddle, Vocals

At age 10, Karen heard men in cowboy hats playing fiddles at her elementary school in Beaumont, Texas, inspiring her to learn to play the violin. After moving to Seattle in 1977, she and husband John Morris started dancing to Cajun music, which was experiencing a revival. Twenty-five years ago, they started playing for dances. “We love the music and the community built around it!”

John Morris – Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

John and his wife, Karen Kaser, have traveled extensively in Louisiana over the past 25 years learning tunes directly from Cajun and Creole musicians there. They’ve played in such Seattle bands as Louisiana Purchase and Louisiana Roadhouse. “Cajun music: the rock and roll of folk music, it’s always a party.”

David Grixoni – Bass Guitar, Vocals

David Grixoni’s been playing bass licks for more years than we can remember. Originally from northern California, he has played in rhythym and blues bands for years. His own band, Melanie and Her Blues Swayed Dudes, plays blues tunes, and much more! His vocals are a great addition to the Swamp Soul sound.

Doug Warren – Lead Guitar Player

From Port Townsend, Washington, Doug Warren plays electric guitar for the band; as well as playing in his own C&W band Three Chords and the Truth. He rounds out his Cajun repertoire by playing with Whozyamama from Bainbridge Island.

Grant Steele – Drums

Grant-77x85 Grant Steele has played drums professionally in Seattle for 20 years. His dad was a professional jazz musician. His double kick bass and snappy snares help us recreate a zydeco/creole sound not often heard outside of Louisiana.

Julia Derby – Rub-board, Triangle

Julia Derby backs up many touring Louisiana bands with her rub-board and triangle. If you can’t move to her rhythms, check your pulse – you might be dead!